arp-sk (ARP Swiss Knife) is a tool that allows you to manipulate ARP packets. It lets you create totally arbitrary ARP paquets, allowing for network security and connectivity testing.

Arp-sk can be found on

Here is the Debian Package I made for arp-sk


quickppp is a simple PPP configuration script. Though perhaps not as powerful as pppconfig, it can be rather useful.

New version for Quickppp after its orphanage

NB:quickppp has now been removed from the official Debian archive


iroffer is an IRC fileserver. It uses the DCC protocol to send files to users requesting them.

Here is the new version of Iroffer that I made after it was orphaned by the previous maintainer.


spong is a monitoring system which provides system and network monitoring.It can monitor several hosts and groups with centralized data collection. You can then get data through a command line tool or via a CGI Web interface. It can also provide RRD charts.

Here is the new version of Spong that I made after it was orphaned by the previous maintainer.


surf is a 2D and 3D graphing tool, script driven. Produces very nice output, animation enabled.

Here is the package for Surf.

nms scripts

nms is a collection of CGI scripts for websites, created with security in mind. Look at for more details.

Here is the suite of packages for nms scripts, updated after orphanage by previous maintainer.


A simple C library to access the CDDB database. Web site. Here are the libcddb packages (libcddb0 and libcddb-dev).


Povray is the Persistence Of Vision Ray-Tracer. This is version 3.6.


A set of tools to handler Matroska files. Here are the packages I made.